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"Expert advice from a friendly shoulder" describes Mary's daily one-minute radio program, Front Porch Parenting.

Listeners hear about some of the toughest issues families face today, including:

  • coping with high-cry babies
  • toddlers aren't tough guys
  • keeping a good caregiver
  • activity overload
  • "container kids"
  • consumer C-sections
  • dealing with kidfluence
  • games: more than fun
  • trickle-down stress
  • the pushy parent trap
  • pay2play
  • falloween

Recorded at the studios of KFUO in St. Louis, the program airs on radio stations across the country.

Find a participating station in your area.

You can also listen using Windows Media Player. Click here if first link doesn't work.

Post Front Porch Parenting on your church Web site and visitors will come back day after day for timely tips! You post the link, we provide the streaming, and you reap the benefits of offering visitors daily changing audio through your church Web site at no cost.
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