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The Hear Me Read Bible

Thank you, God, for Puppies

Thank you, God, for Puppies

Skippy was the best of friends. And as a child, I needed a friend.

The kids in my Chicago neighborhood weren’t interested in hearing abou my mom’s battle with cancer, but Skippy would always listen. After I poured out my heart, our big black dog would lift his head off my lamp and jump up. He almost seemed to say, “Crying time is over. Move on.”

Today, more than 56 million families in the United States have a dog. Children in those households know what it’s like to experience the unconditional love of a puppy.



Thank you, God, for Kittens

Thank you, God, for Kittens

Our neighbor’s cat had kittens. They were the cutest little furry things! We had three children, so guess who came to live at our house?

Our daughter, Angie, was quick to name them. And so for nearly twenty years, Blackie and Tiger (you can imagine what they looked like) were beloved companions. They even moved halfway across the country with us, because of course, they were family!

More than 30 million households in the United States know what it’s like to be calmed by a purring motor in a fur ball.



The Hear Me Read Bible

The Hear Me Read Bible

With more than one million copies sold in English, thousands of children have learned to read with titles in the Hear Me Read series.

Using less than 25 words to tell a complete Bible story, the eighteen books in Level One of this series feature natural language, repetition and prediction. Now, these best-selling stories have been compiled in a single volume, The Hear Me Read Bible. Parent notes and vocabulary lists are included for every story.

"Learning to read is a lengthy, challenging process," says educator and author Dr. Mary Manz Simon. "Many elements need to come together before a child actually can de-code the scribbles on a page."

"Although we appropriately emphasize skill development, confidence in those abilities is also important," she says. "With less than 25 different words in each story, a child's confidence soars as he successfully moves from page to page."

"Of course, a huge bonus is that a child not only learns to read, but learns to read about Jesus," says the early childhood educator. "What a joy when a child says, 'Hear me read.'"

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My First Read and Learn Book of Prayers

My First Read and Learn Book of Prayers

"Fold your hands, bow your head and close your eyes." With these simple actions, a young child can begin a lifelong conversation with God.

That's the purpose of My First Read and Learn Book of Prayers: to help a child experience God in new ways. The tone is conversational, so that a child learns to talk with God like he talks with a best friend. The content is concrete, not abstract, because a young child thinks about what he can touch and feel. And the prayers reflect the real world: because a child waiting to eat is hungry, one mealtime prayer has only eight words!

My First Read and Learn Book of Prayers will help your child learn to talk with God anytime, anywhere.

With a soft, padded cover and stiff board pages, this is an ideal volume to keep handy on a bedroom dresser or child's book shelf.

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My First Read and Learn Book of Prayers

My First Read and Learn Book of Bible Verses

My First Read and Learn Favorite Bible Verses offers timeless truths which focus on God, our Father. The verses, including some with as few as five words, are developmentally appropriate for young children to repeat, learn and embrace.

"God tells us to imprint His words on the heart of a child," says Dr. Mary Manz Simon. "That might sound difficult for parents and boring for kids, but this book makes it easy and fun."

Verses reflect ways in which a young child experiences God in daily life. A child is reminded of God's loving care in the section on fears and His blessings in the verses about friends. Parent notes throughout the book suggest ways to incorporate Scripture into everyday activities.

With a soft-padded cover and stiff board pages, it makes an excellent companion to My First Read and Learn Book of Prayers.

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The Anytime Bible

The Anytime Bible

"Anytime" is a good time to connect with God. That's the message of The Anytime Bible.

"Today's fast track families need a resource to remind them that God goes where we go," says parenting expert Dr. Mary Manz Simon. "Because families are so busy, it's easy to lock God into a Sunday morning box. Our God is bigger than that!"

"'Anytime'" is a good time to connect with God," she emphasizes. Designed as a flexible, lifestyle product, families can use The Anytime Bible for two minutes or twenty.

Fast facts and reader responses trigger family discussion based on more than 50 Bible stories. A parent note for each story connects the Biblical truth to real-time situations. Content is written on various levels of knowledge, from clear-cut facts (Adam lived to be an old man: 930 years) to practical application ("How do you feel when someone says, 'Don't touch?'") These multiple layers connect with family members of all ages.

Simon says, "Research consistently shows that children, even teens, want to spend time with their family. The Anytime Bible promises and delivers God's truths in a format that's fun and flexible for family togethering, anytime."

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Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

Fly through the days of December with My First Read and Learn Countdown to Christmas.

Parents will appreciate the creative ways in which children's energy is re-directed into simple activities that focus on the true meaning of the holiday. And children will delight in the daily fun as they come ever closer to December 25. Each day, family members can join in the Countdown rhyme:

I'm ready and I'm waiting, to shout "It's Christmas Day!"
It's almost Jesus' birthday. I'm counting down each day.

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Noah and the Big Boat

Noah Builds a Boat

Noah Builds a Boat offers a fresh-retelling of the beloved Bible story. Highlighting three important virtues, readers focus on obedience, patience and gratitude as they read about the old man and the ark.

“We often focus on learning facts about familiar Bible stories but forget to take away valuable lessons,” says author Dr. Mary Manz Simon. “Noah models three virtues that contribute to building strong character.”

With flowing illustrations and limited text from the Golden Books imprint of Random House, it is an ideal lap book to share with a child.

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My Basket of Blessings

Advent Booklet

This Advent booklet offers family devotions and activities during the four weeks before Christmas.

Dr. Mary Manz Simon says,
"Christmas tree ornaments typically tell stories. On our tree, I see smiling faces of our children in decorated paper plate frames, vacation souvenirs and heirlooms from previous generations. But other ornaments relate to the first Christmas, Biblical truths or holiday legends. This devotional booklet tells the stories behind popular Christmas tree ornaments and includes a fun and easy family activity for each day."

Priced and printed for distribution to large groups and congregations, the booklet is very inexpensive, and can be ordered directly from Creative Communications for the Parish.

Creative Communications for the Parish Phone: 800-325-9414
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